The Vantage/Vista Midwest User Group relies upon Vendor participation. Many of our educational sessions are conducted by consulting and professional service groups. VMUG is a place for users to network and share information - this is a great place for Vendors to flourish. To present at the quarterly VMUG meetings, a Vendor must be enrolled in the VMUG group and be current with their annual dues.

We request that vendors help drive content of our meetings. If you are interested in presenting a topic at a VMUG meeting, please login and complete a VMUG TOPIC Submission. All of the collected topics are presented to the VMUG Topic Advisory Board and voted upon for acceptance and scheduling. We are always looking for presenters! Presenters are more than welcome to distribute their contact and business information during their presentation, we simply request that this is not done during another session or WHILE the meeting is in process.

Only vendors or consultants presenting/hosting a topic at a meeting will be permitted to attend that meeting.

Enrolled Vendors are always welcome to submit their literature for distribution on the Vendor table. The Vendor table will be announced at every meeting. Please limit your submissions to a few brochures and business cards.

While presenting a topic or hosting a session, the presenter may distribute contact information to attendees. Presentation handouts will be distributed via the website prior to the meetings as well as at the meetings. We have found that members attending sessions, with questions in mind, enrich the overall presentation.

The meeting formats have been altered so as to provide 3 Presenter/Member Meet-N-Greet times. The first session is during the registration hour, the second over the catered lunch hour, and during the final hour cool-down/detailed Q and A session.

If you provide a service or product that directly relates to the usage of the Vantage & Vista products by Epicor, please consider ENROLLING NOW and joining the VMUG as a Vendor today!

If you should have any questions or comments regarding VMUG or the dues, please visit our CONTACT page - we appreciate feedback and are always striving to improve the group and services offered.