The Midwest User Group originated in 1995 as the Vantage Midwest User Group (VMUG) with the sole purpose of creating a network of users with the ability to engage in open dialogue and shared solutions in using Vista and Vantage software. The group logically expanded to include the latest versions of the software, namely, Epicor.

The 2022 meeting dates are below. Currently all meetings are planned to be online due to COVID.

  • Wednesday, February 16th
  • Wednesday, May 11th
  • Wednesday, August 17th
  • Thursday, October 13th - IN PERSON
  • Wednesday, November 9th

The membership of EMUG/VMUG recognizes the value of the experience and knowledge among its colleagues and the virtues of users educating users. Membership consists of manufacturing and distribution organizations across a wide range of industries. While the products fabricated and distributed vary, the membership’s goal is singular: utilize the software to its fullest potential in the most cost effective, quality-focused manner.

The membership dues are per member company and an invoice is available online. Participation at the Quarterly Meetings for the first attendee from the company is included in the dues. Each additional attendee is $50 per meeting.
Note: with restrictions on in-person gatherings, all meetings are online and dues have been waived.

Vendors may sponsor the organization and are invited to attend meetings where they have been pre-approved for educational presentations. A vendor membership dues invoice can be obtained online here. Only vendors or consultants presenting or hosting a pre-approved topic at a meeting will be permitted to attend that meeting. We welcome your questions and feedback; the heart and soul of the user group is interaction and participation. To join the Midwest User Group today, or learn more about the organization and the powerful networking offered to membership, call 630-672-7688 or email janeleslie@codabears.com